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The Scientech Accelerator is designed to be the first of its kind in the Arab community, focusing on initiatives in the field of biology and the environment for Arab entrepreneurs. It works to empower them to grow by providing financial support, a variety of support services, intensive workshops, meetings, consultancy sessions, and guidance with experts in launching and operating startups.


ARAB Bio-Tech Empowerment

Our accelerator is committed to empowering Arab entrepreneurs through a comprehensive support system. We provide not only financial assistance but also a diverse range of support services, intensive workshops, meaningful meetings, and expert-guided consultancy sessions. By choosing Scientech, entrepreneurs gain access to a unique platform that not only fosters growth but also facilitates networking with specialists in launching and operating startups. We are dedicated to propelling innovative initiatives forward and ensuring entrepreneurs have the resources and expertise needed for success in the dynamic landscape of technology and the environment.

Why do we need accelerators for Arabs?

Ola Baker- ScienTech CEO

ScienTech 2- Pitch Night


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